The reddit admins have been forced to step in after users on a hate-subreddit conspired to make fake screenshots, attempting to trick advertisers into believing their reddit ads were being shown next to objectionable material.

by AssuredlyAThrowAway

In a very strange turn of events earlier this week, the admins of reddit were forced to intervene on a hate subreddit after it was discovered the users thereof had engaged in a conspiracy to doctor screenshots with the intention of “shaming” reddit into censoring, what the hate subreddit suggested to be, objectionable material.

For admins to make a public post in that way, scolding that community for its behavior, is highly abnormal, as the usual practice would be for a modmail to be sent. In this way, it seems the administrators do not trust the mods of that community to contain or otherwise prevent briagding and manipulated content from being posted.

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Perhaps it is no surprise then that the community in question is run by some of the same mods who have run a hate subreddit directed at /r/conspiracy for nearly a year at this point, often times using the very same tactics as described by the admins above. Not surprisingly, after poking the admin beehive, the moderators of said hate subreddit have begun to receive site warnings in regards to their ongoing brigading directed at other communities on the site (most likely for attacking /r/conspiracy).

That these hate subreddits need to go to the lengths they do (brigading and creating fake screenshots) is a testament to their ideological barbarity and manipulative intentions. To that end, it should be interesting to see if the warnings issued by the admins to those hate subreddit moderators have the intended effect with regards to manipulation of content on this subreddit over the coming days and weeks.


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