Let’s talk about the Central Bank Cabal

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by OYou812

We all know the richest people on the planet influence governments. Does anyone believe Qaddafi was murdered because he was a bad guy? He wasn’t. The central banks, who own governments, including ours, murdered him for trying to create a gold based African currency , free from the French franc/central banking system. They murdered his family and gathered the ton and a half of gold.

I could talk about the Citigroup/Obama connection or other multinational banks, but they are just fronts for those who wield true power… the ones who print our money. The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve… CENTRAL BANKS. The money changers.

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The Bank for International Settlements is a group of about 8800 people. Within the international agreement of the BIS, they internationally ratified an immunity deal where all of the members of this elite group are exempt from “ALL WORLDLY LAWS.” Everything. They could shoot you in the face and there would be nothing anyone could do about it. That’s why the Podesta’s can walk after Madeline McCann.

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All wars are bankers’ wars, friends.

These are random examples. I’m hoping others who have journeyed deeper into the rabbit hole than I have can add valuable information regarding the world’s financial system and who has the power to manipulate it.



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