“Liberal” Democracy is a Myth

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by Chirs Black

One of the main problems with “democracy” is that it doesn’t really exist.

 “Democratic” states are always owned by an oligarchy (either covert or overt) that controls a corrupt bureaucracy, which in turn tricks the masses into thinking that they have power over society by allowing them to vote in a new faceman every four years. 

Worse still, the masses take any criticism of “democracy” as a personal attack, as if you yourself are trying to steal away their individual political power, which didn’t really exist to begin with.

If Western countries were truly democratic, they would never have devolved into the cancerous state they’re in today. 

The agendas of Globalism have never had any organic mass support. Even now, with the might of the entire establishment behind them, utilizing the most advanced and intrusive propaganda machine in human history, Globalist agendas are still utterly repulsive to a significant proportion of the population.

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