Liberal Mainstream Media Meltdown Following Historic Trump-Putin Summit (VIDEO)

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by Chris Black

If you want to have some good ol’fun, just turn on CNN right now, or check out the videos below. The deep-state sock-puppets at CNN&comp are almost crying. And that’s great news.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t felt so good since November 8, 2 years ago, if you know what I mean. Here’s White House’ official statement regarding the historic Helsinki summit between the leader of the free world and Putin:

A big LOL@ Brennan, this guy is dumber than a bag of bricks:

It was glorious. Here’s the break-up of the meeting, provided you don’t have time to watch the “vidya”. First spoketh Putin, and most importantly, he thanked God Emperor for taking care of that crazy fat kid Kim Jong-un and trying to solve the North Korea situation. Then, he promised to collaborate with his American brothers and sisters in Syria. Also, the Russian president said the two countries should cooperate more, economically speaking, yet he smacked the Donald regarding the Iran business.

Putin acknowledged that Russia and America must be brought together, as per Trump’s campaign promises, and, check this out: Putka declared the Russian election meddling extravaganza to be a hoax, and that he’s ready to help the POTUS debunk the Democrats’ claims by working together to analyze the intel. Bilateral teams are going to be formed, i.e. Putin offered permitting officials in the US, including Mueller, to Russia to assist in their investigation of the supposed Trump-Russia collusion story. Then Putin dropped his bomb, whereas the US could reciprocate Russia in one of their investigations. That’s big.

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Then it was The Donald’s turn. He confirmed Putin’s call for more cooperation and congratulated the Russians on the World Cup thing. Here’s a quote:

“Our relationship has never been worse than it is now – however, that changed about four hours ago, I truly believe that”

Obviously, Trump wasted no time in attacking his domestic “foes” (the fake news media) via his usual parlance then discussed the global menace of our times, or at least one of them, Islamic terrorism. He admitted that cooperating with the Russians in Syria would be nice, but he pressed Putka on the Iran deal. He also said further meetings with Putin are coming.

Then, it was Q&A time. A Russian journalist asked Trump about his nasty comments on Germany being the hostage of Putin’s Russia. Trump retorted that it was basically trolling on his part, a way to show Merkel’s hypocrisy, i.e. Germany asking for America to protect them from their business partner Russia. No biggie basically, move along. We’re all friends here.

A Reuters operative asked the POTUS about his recent tweet, and asked if he regards Russia to be responsible for the bad diplomatic relations between the 2 countries. Trump said the summit was long overdue, as in the dialogue between him and Putin should’ve taken place a long time ago, then he blasted Mueller’s probe for damaging the bilateral relations between Russia and the US. The POTUS has said clearly that the Russia conspiracy theory was explicitly concocted as an excuse for Hillary’s loss. Putin confirmed there are no facts to talk about on the conspiracy hoaxers part, and that he sees no issue with interrogating the accused individuals (the Mueller indictment thing), as in he’d allow US prosecutors to come in Russia and do their thing. Obviously, no extradition. Putin said he wanted Trump to win in 2016, yes, of course, then he gave the POTUS a football, which will be later forwarded to Barron, obviously.

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Another journalist asked  (again) about the Russians hacking the DNC hoax. Trump replied with “why has no one (read the FBI) looked at the DNC server”? Case closed. He then said that the DNC (leak) was not a Russian hit-job: “I will say this – I don’t see any reason why it would be.” said Trump.

Putin then accused the left and their MSM lapdogs of being strong in their denial of reality of democracy in America, and said if they really have a case, it’s not the MSM’s job to solve it, nor the intelligence services, i.e. it should be taken to court. When asked whether he has “kompromat” on Trump, and at the same time someone popped the Crimea question, Putin laughed sardonically, saying that the compromising intel claim on Trump is absurd, and that he (obviously) disagrees on Crimea. After a quick rant on Sztrok’s testimony in Congress, Trump closed it.

Bottom line, Trump said he wants an alliance with Russia, and that they’re working on it, regardless of the BS of his own government, and that the claims of Russia hacking the 2016 election are false. That’s all I wanted to hear.



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