Liberal media to start serious reporting on Hunter Biden’s possibly corrupt business dealings? The Guardian’s eyebrow raising headline today: “Stealth Hunter: Biden’s tangled business dealings are becoming impossible to ignore”

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by johntwit

The Guardian, labelled as decisively left of center by, ran a story today with the headline:

Stealth Hunter: Biden’s tangled business dealings are becoming hard to ignore

This marks a change in coverage of president Joe Biden’s son Hunter, whose shady business dealings the liberal press didn’t seem to think was worthy of coverage. As The Guardian’s Edward Helmore admits:

To the left, Hunter’s travails are dismissed as a Republican political obsession and a talking point for tabloid journalism and internet gossip.

This would mark a major change in coverage from liberal media, whose coverage of Hunter Biden for the last year has consisted of fawning over his art career (with a little hand-wringing that his pricy paintings might make his father’s administration look bad), earnest reviews of his addiction memoir Beautiful Things and praising Twitter for saving democracy by censoring The New York Post’s laptop story. (Or accusing social media companies of not doing enough to silence the story, which turned out to be true)

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I suppose that now that the election is over and hysteria over the imminent collapse of the American republic at the hands of a clownishly incompetent would-be dictator have subsided, corruption in the Biden family is fair game.

Then again, The Guardian is rated the same as The New York Post for factual reporting. Maybe it is just another example of opportunistic tabloidism or just good old fashioned Russian disinformation. Either way, at least it’s something new.

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