Liberal Professor That Voted For Hillary Warns: Google Manipulating Voters ‘on a Massive Scale’

by bbennett36

You guys were worried about foreign interface in our elections. Meanwhile, the big tech companies interfere with our elections at a scale that has never been seen before. This is why you have to stop using google for anything related to politics.

Northwestern University study that attempted to quantify the liberal bias of Google’s “top stories” feature:

Of the 6,302 articles that appeared in Google’s ‘top stories’ page that month after a term was searched, more than 10 percent were by CNN.

The New York Times was the second most favored and accounted for 6.5 percent of articles. The Washington Post was third with 5.6 percent. By contrast, Fox News, the most right-wing outlet in mainstream media, was the source of just three percent of the stories which appeared.

Nearly all (86 percent) of the stories came from just 20 sources and of them, 62 percent were considered to be left-leaning.

96 Percent of My Google Search Results for ‘Trump’ News Were from Liberal Media Outlets


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