Liberal sheep were told by MSM Comey is bad because he re-opened the Hilary investigation. Then a TV star reprograms them in 10 seconds.

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So as much as I hate liberals…. We all need to know how stupid these people are. They literally can be trained to hate someone and have someone on the TV change their mind in seconds.

They were told at first Comey was bad, he made Hillary lose the election because he re-opened her investigation a week before the election…..

Can you imagine a crowd of Trump supporters sitting in an audience and clapping for Trump and then some TV star starts trying to shame them for clapping….lol

He would of got boo’ed and chased off the stage… Liberals though… They want to fit in. Scared to offend someone. Terrified to be considered “Not Politically Correct”. So they clap one minute about Comey getting fired, then shut their mouths when told that’s a bad thing now..


h/t Shamrock007


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