LIBERALS NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! And then ask themselves some questions. Who do YOU “choose” to defend?

Sharing is Caring!

by Thinker

The respectable looking, smooth talking politician? Or the innocent children being harmed through YOUR silence? Because there ain’t a third option. Staying willfully ignorant to what you’re about to see in this video does NOT give you a free pass to absolution. Ignoring this video because you don’t want to know by labling it “alt-Right” propaganda is purposeful self-deception that equates to saying to the World’s children that you don’t care and that they don’t matter.

What matters more to you is political “teamism”. Is your HATRED for Trump & Conservatives that deep that you’re willing to walk away simply because “the enemy” is the messengers of this awful truth? If so shame on you. And now you should be able to SEE why we patriots don’t see Democrats as the “caring” Party….at all. This episode of Q analysis is disturbing. Q says re-read the posts and so….we go back to mid Feb & early March 2018 to some of the more disturbing discussions into pedophilia. We cannot put our heads in the sand because the subject is unpleasant.

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We cannot pretend it doesn’t exist because it’s too horrifying to believe it could possibly be real. Especially among “respectable” world leaders. Children all over the World NEED our help! They NEED us to SEE. Acknowledging the existence of this elite ring of pedophilia is the first step in DESTROYING it.

And if it takes breadcrumbs from an invisible Q Anon to open eyes? I say bring on the crumbs!


How Pedophiles Groom Our Children–And Us!

Every Police Officer and parent must read this article…

Not only do pedophiles groom children so they can have sex with them, they groom their parents to make them think their children are safe with them. Pedophiles groom police officers, judges, paramedics, school teachers, principals, caregivers–to show them how they only have the child’s interests at heart and are not a threat, but only a loving surrogate uncle or aunt, a friend and mentor.

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The article was written by Sandra J. Dixon, PMHCNS-BC, who has provided therapy and direction to children and adults for more than 30 years. Too often, she has seen the devastation that child molesters have wrought. As author of The Invisible Girl: Uncovering Repressed Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse, a book on childhood sexual abuse, she is an expert on the subject. Among other credentials, she is a:…ersion.php


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