Lies About Rise in Crime Protects $119B Dollar Police Salaries and Prevents Police Reform

by mapi

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Whether it is consent decrees or cries for police reform, America’s law enforcement agencies always reacts the same. Deny and discredit any who oppose them.
For nearly a year now, law enforcement has used a new tactic to convince the public that BLM protests over police violence and reform should be ignored because of a rise in crime.
Normally, an objective person would see through this ploy, but law enforcement has figured out how to use the mass media to convince politicians and the public that defunding police departments will result in a rise in crime. Despite police department media relations and police department media guides, the truth is finally surfacing.
As NBC News reported, the claims law enforcement and Republicans have been making about crime increasing are a lie.

“As Republicans revive familiar warnings about out-of-control crime in pursuit of regaining power, the prominent moderate Democratic group Third Way has a different message for the party: Don’t take the bait; it’s a lie.”

A new report by Third Way found that despite 70 percent of Americans believing that crime was rising it has in fact decreased.

“Contrary to the media narrative, overall crime decreased in 2020 compared to 2019. There appears to be no difference in crime trends between states that enacted police reforms and those that did not.”

“There seems to be a hysteria that began about a year and half ago to try and convince Americans that we’re undergoing another crime wave,” said Jim Kessler, Third Way’s executive vice president for policy. “At a certain point, we just wanted to look at what the actual data was. And it doesn’t bear up.”

Does anyone else find it curious that an alleged rise in crime began around the same time BLM/police reform protests were sweeping the country? Law enforcement is a master at manipulating the media and public opinion.

“People’s view of crime is going to be shaped by their own world that they live in, which feels safe, and then the wider world that they experience through television and media. And so on an issue like crime, it’s pretty easy to manipulate people to say it’s really bad,” Kessler said.

When the third-most expensive military organization in the world (U.S. law enforcement) feels threatened: how did we think they would react?


As pointed out state and local governments spent $119 billion on law enforcement salaries and benefits.

“Nearly all state and local spending on police, corrections, and courts in 2018 went toward operational costs such as salaries and benefits (96 percent for both police and courts and 97 percent for corrections). Capital spending accounted for only 4 percent of both police and courts expenditures and 3 percent of corrections expenditures.”

American law enforcement will go to great lengths to protect their $119 billion dollar nest egg.
In the world of American law enforcement qualified immunity is looked at as an unalienable right, they cannot be taken away. In Manchester, New Hampshire police are looking for motivated people that want to ‘enjoy the unique benefits of qualified immunity’.
credit NHPR
One has to wonder how many of the 100,000 cops the U.S. Senate has decided to hire, applied for the job based solely on ‘the unique benefits of qualified immunity’?
How politicians can justify keeping qualified immunity and hiring 100,000 more police officers after a year of protests, speaks volumes about the chances of  Americans seeing actual police reform.
Making up BS stories to ensure job security is just that, a lie. Americans should be smarter than that, but sadly, Republicans and the public are all too willing to believe whatever law enforcement tells them.

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