Life is better without Facebook – personal experience.

by PiggyDota



I removed Facebook from my life 5/6 months ago and my online life is a millions times better. I don’t get anywhere nearly as many targetted ads. I still use Instagram and even on there, the adverts seem extremely general.

My mental health is better aswell. I don’t worry about the opinions of over 300 people any more. I don’t worry about getting likes and sending people I haven’t seen for years, birthday wishes.

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Also, I don’t get drawn into petty political debates and I don’t get the shock of seeing something horrifying when logging in. (A picture of headless sheep after a dog attack was posted by an old boss and that’s what made me just end my Facebook account).

What’s the conspiracy here? Facebook is the single most powerful tool on the internet that harvests your data. They want to know everything about you, name, phone, gender, sexuality, comedy, music etc etc. Don’t give these people that info, it is yours and yours alone.

Take the plunge. Delete Facebook. Enjoy a better life.

Solidarity and Love x


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