Lindsey Graham shares newly de-classified FBI docs showing ‘clear’ bias against Trump

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Lindsey Graham released newly de-classified documents.

The documents indicate clear bias by FBI leadership in Washington DC to help Hillary Clinton evade a FISA warrant (foreign interference to help her campaign). The same FBI leadership turned around then applied a different process to hurt the Trump campaign.

De-classified email (on pages 14-15) from former FBI Director James Comey show he was aware of the Hillary Clinton briefing about efforts by a foreign government to aid her campaign.

Quote from page 4:

Title: [REDACTED] Defensive Brief to [Counsel to H. Clinton].
Re: [REDACTED], 10/22/2015

[Counsel to H. Clinton], both partners at [Lawfirm] [REDACTED], located at [Lawfirm] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [Counsel to H. Clinton] are personal attorneys for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. [Counsel to H. Clinton] and [Counsel to H. Clinton] both hold security clearances. The purpose of the meeting was to provide a classified defensive briefing for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign, as summarized below:

[REDACTED] [Counsel to H. Clinton] were advised the FBI has information that the [Foreign Government] is attempting to influence Hillary Clinton through lobbying efforts and campaign contributions. The campaign contributions may come in a form outside established parameters for such contributions.

[REDACTED] [Counsel to H. Clinton] were advised the FBI was providing them with this briefing for awareness and so Ms. Clinton could take appropriate action to protect herself. They were also told the FBI was seeking their assistance to identify other appropriate recipients of the brief, if any.

[REDACTED] [Counsel to H. Clinton] were asked to advise the FBI, Section Chief Archey, if Ms. Clinton is approached by anyone connected to or acting at the direction of the [Foreign Government].

[REDACTED] As examples of issues that were known to be potentially important to the [Foreign Government][Counsel to H. Clinton] were advised of the following:

a) [Sensitive Information]
b) [Sensitive Information] ;
c) [Sensitive Information] ;
d) [Sensitive Information] ;
e) [Sensitive Information] .

[REDACTED] As a take away from the meeting, SC Archey offered that the campaign should increase its vigilance of contributions related to any of the matters discussed above.


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