Lion Air Crash Suspicions: I don’t know about you, but when airliners crash with twenty people from a country’s (Indonesia’s) finance ministry aboard, my suspicion meter goes into the red zone.

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by axolotl_peyotl

This article offers some high octane speculation for the recent Lion air tragedy, which killed nearly 200 people.

Another article on the event notes:

At least 23 government officials, four employees of state tin miner PT Timah and three employees of a Timah subsidiary, were on the plane.

At this point, this author offers some speculation:

So the question, if this was deliberate sabotage and murder, is why? There’s two things here that make me incredibly suspicious: (1) Ms. Indrawati herself, and (2) the mining company.

Indrawati, given her high positions both in the World Bank Group and in the Indonesian ministry of finance, would be in a position to “know things,” especially if as the Wikipedia article suggests, she helped steer Indonesia through the 2008 financial crisis. She may indeed know things about that crisis that certain people would want to ensure she keep quiet about.

It’s the mining company, though, that caught my interest. Tin is of course a valuable commodity. The Indonesian oil fields and tin mines were a strategic objective of the Japanese Empire during World War Two.

But there’s a very loose, high octane speculation here that hovers over the whole affair, and that’s Indonesian premier Sukharno, and his gold. (See Banks and the National Security State Part Two: The Bearer Bonds)

In other words, people high in the Indonesian financial structure are likely to know a great deal of the history of hidden finance, and thus my high octane suspicion here is twofold: (1) someone is sending messages to Indonesia, and (2) I strongly suspect that those unfortunate passengers on flight 610 with connections both to the Indonesian finance ministry, and to the PT Timah mining operation, may either have been journeying to a final destination other than Pangkal Pinang, or that they were to meet people in that Indonesian city that have, as yet, not been disclosed.

The unfortunate thing here is that time, in this case, may not tell… But it’s not the first time Indonesia has been targeted. Don’t forget that tsunami came about one week after a sudden and inexplicable sell-off of Indonesian sovereign securities…

While that closing sentence may seem like it came out of left field, it’s long been speculated that weather warfare has been a major component of the many “natural” disasters in the last several decades.

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