Yemen Civilians Trapped as Saudi-Led Forces Close In: The US called for an immediate ceasefire last week, but there is no sign the Saudi offensive is slowing down.

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by axolotl_peyotl

The brief and manufactured outrage against Saudi Arabia that was recently peddled by the Mockingbird MSM has apparently run its course.

After distracting the masses with “domestic terror” events and a sham of an election, the collective amnesia of the brainwashed population has set in with a vengeance.

Meanwhile, the US figureheads of the corrupt military industrial complex can “save face” in the world of PR by essentially saying “hey Saudi Arabia, stop that!” but in reality, they are doing nothing to prevent the genocide.

Meanwhile, Trump is making excuses for Saudi Arabia, and the Democrats are electing literal CIA operatives to political positions.

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This false political dichotomy is the wet dream of the genocidal military industrial complex, as while the US population is at each other’s throats, the true injustices continue to be perpetrated with negligible oversight and resistance.


via antiwar:

Saudi airstrikes and warships continue to pound the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah on Monday, with escalating strikes coinciding with Saudi-backed ground forces advancing closer to the city, just three miles from the port itself, according to officials.

This further limits the movement of aid into and out of the vital port, which before the Saudi offensive was the lone source of food imports for 80% of Yemen. Saudi forces control the supply lines, and promises of an aid corridor haven’t panned out so far.

Heavy fighting and Saudi-led encroachment into the area, has aid groups warning that thousands of civilians left in Hodeidah are effectively trapped now. Everyone who lives between the airport and university is effectively trapped inside, and the fighting has almost reached the city’s main hospital, increasing the humanitarian crisis.

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