The AirBNB housing crisis in Tasmania is only a small part of a greater conspiracy

via CybergothiChe:

There is a housing crisis in Australia’s apple isle, Tasmania. It is part of a greater plan to use Australia as a lifeboat for humanity when society in the rest of the world fails due to nuclear war. But the rich will escape to Antarctica.

Tasmania is rapidly becoming the ‘to go’ place, and as such, holiday rentals are booming. Some people have realised that they can rent a house, then rent every room out on AirBNB, but not actually live there, effectively subletting out the place they have rented, and turning it from a residential property, as a home, to a commercial property, as a hostel.

Airbnb extending to Hobart’s outer suburbs, tenants’ union says, as housing crisis continues – ABC News

This is also reducing the amount of properties on the finite Tasmanian property market, and as these things go, reduction in supply leads to increase in demand.

However, last Friday, “Australian head of public policy [for AirBNB] Brent Thomas [gave] evidence to a Legislative Council inquiry” regarding the housing crisis in Tasmania, who said

Massive amounts of people moving in here to Tasmania and not enough housing being built, more university places being opened up and not enough houses being built,” he said.

“I think there’s a supply issue which is overwhelmingly being driven by other macro factors.”

Airbnb not to blame for Tasmanian housing crisis, boss tells inquiry – ABC News

Today, Wednesday, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute released a report regarding Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s two largest cities, saying

Airbnb isn’t making rental affordability “significantly” worse, but it is reducing the number of properties that are available for long-term renters in Sydney and Melbourne.

Study shows this trend results in fewer options for long-term renters According to a new report, released today, that applies especially to the “high-demand” suburbs with “significant tourism appeal”.

as well as noting

In Sydney, there was a high concentration of commercial Airbnb listings in Darlinghurst and the beach suburbs (Bondi, Bronte, Coogee and Manly), making up 11-15 per cent of all properties available for renting.


In Melbourne, 9-15 per cent of all rental properties in the Central Melbourne, Docklands, Southbank, Fitzroy and St Kilda clusters were commercial Airbnb listings.

I mean, geez, up to 15% of all properties being AirBNBs? That’s like one in every 7 or so. .

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Tasmania has always been known as a little version of Australia, a good testing ground, to see on the small scale what will happen if things are released on a larger scale to the greater Australian mainland. For instance, root beer on tap was introduced to Tasmanian KFCs in the mid 2000s, but it didn’t take off, so it never made it to the greater Australian market. Broadband over powerlines was also tested in Tasmania, but proved too troublesome to other radio frequencies, as well as not having the greatest bandwidth. Those are only two, but there are many examples of Tasmania being used as Australia’s testing ground, and as such is used by many large companies to do just that.

In addition, I find it interesting that on Wednesday the public face of AirBNB says something in Tasmania, and on Friday we hear something very similar come out of the mouth of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute. Timing is everything in comedy.

So, my conspiracy is that AirBNB IS causing the housing affordability crisis in Tasmania, and that is going to be felt very soon on the mainland, especially in Australia’s largest cities.

Our population is indeed expanding, through births a little, but mostly through migration. They are coming and they are coming strong, and they are all going to need a place to live and something to eat.

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Because the world is falling apart, and Australia is the place to be to ride it out. We are going to see an influx of migrants and refugees like you would not believe. Pauline, get ready, if you thought we were going to be swamped in the 90s, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

If we green the desert, we can house every man woman and child in this great southern land. We have the space. We need to do some earthmoving the likes of which hasn’t been seen since we built the Pyramids, but if we all chip in we can do it.

And that’s the plan.

They are planning on reducing the quality of life in Australia by economic destruction of the population, thereby making us accept a lower standard of living so that we won’t complain when society collapses and everyone comes running for somewhere to hide, and where is that going to be, Australia, until the ice in Antarctica melts and we restart civilisation there in around 50 years time.

There will also be another war, around 2020 or after, they are starting that now, heating things up in the middle east, while they will play the Cold War again, but this time it will be in Asia. India, Pakistan, China. But someone is going to push the button this time. They are counting on it. It kills most of us off, and the rest of us will be left living in some sort of Mad Max-esque world.

Then they come out of the secret bunkers and start a new golden age, with a reduced population, and AI doing all the jobs.

The AirBNB thing is only one part of a larger plan, NWO and all that.