List of Alleged Israeli Airstrikes on Syria since 2013

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Alleged strikes in Syria[edit]

  • Jamraya airstrike (30 January 2013) – Alleged Israeli airstrike on a Syrian convoy transporting weapons to Hezbollah.[16] Other sources stated the targeted site was a military research center in Jamraya responsible for developing biological and chemical weapons.[17]

  • Airstrikes on Syria (May 3 and 5, 2013) – Airstrikes on Syria against long-ranged weapons sent from Iran to Hezbollah.[18][19]

  • Latakia explosion (5 July 2013) – Alleged Israeli airstrike on a Syrian depot containing Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles.[20]

  • Snawbar airstrike (30 October 2013) – Alleged Israeli airstrike at an air defense site in Snawbar.[21]

  • Latakia attack (26 January 2014) – Alleged Israeli airstrike against a Syrian warehouse of S-300 missiles.[22]

  • Beqaa Valley airstrike (24 February 2014) – Two airstrikes against a Hezbollah missile base in Lebanon near the border with Syria.[23]

  • Rif Dimashq airstrikes (7 December 2014) – Alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria against a warehouse of advanced S-300 missiles, which were en route to Hezbollah in Lebanon.[24]

  • Mazraat Amal airstrike (18 January 2015) – Alleged Israeli airstrike in Quneitra against Hezbollah and Iranian operatives.[25]

  • Qalamoun airstrike (25 April 2015) – Israeli airstrikes against Hezbollah camps and weapons convoys in two brigade bases of Qalamoun region.[26]

  • Bekaa Valley airstrike (21 June 2015) – Israeli airstrike against targets in Lebanon’s western Bekaa Valley.[27]

  • August 2015 Syria Airstrikes (August 20–21 2015) – Israel launched airstrikes in Syria, after four rockets hit the Golan Heights and Upper Galilee.[28]

  • Qalamoun airstrike (31 October 2015) – alleged Israeli airstrike on Hezbollah targets in southern Syria, including a weapons convoy.[29]

  • November 2015 Israeli airstrike (11 November 2015) – alleged Israeli airstrike near Damascus airport against Hezbollah weapons warehouses.[30]

  • November 2016 Israeli airstrike (30 November 2016) – alleged Israeli airstrike against a Syrian military compound in Damascus and a Hezbollah weapons convoy in the Damascus-Beirut highway.[31]

  • December 2016 Israeli airstrike (7 December 2016) – Alleged Israeli airstrike against the Mezzeh airbase near Damascus.[32] A Syrian opposition group said the target was a convoy of chemical weapons en route to Hezbollah.[33]

  • January 2017 Israeli airstrike (12 January 2017) – Another alleged Israeli airstrike against the Mezzeh airbase near Damascus, targeting an ammunition depot.[34]

  • February 2017 Israeli airstrike (22 February 2017) – Alleged Israeli airstrike on a Hezbollah weapons shipment near Damascus.[35]

  • March 2017 Israeli airstrike (17 March 2017) – Alleged incident in which several S-200 missiles were fired at Israeli jet fighters attacking targets in Syria, and one missile was shot down by an “aerial defense system”, likely the Arrow 3.[36][37]

  • April 2017 Israeli airstrike (27 April 2017) – Alleged Israeli airstrike felt in Damascus International Airport. The blast was reportedly felt 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) away. Two rebel sources told Reuters that “five strikes hit an ammunition depot used by Iran-backed militias.”[38][39]

  • September 2017 Israeli airstrikes (7-21 September 2017) – Israeli airstrikes targeted a chemical facility near the Mediterranean coast (7 September) and an arms depot near Damascus (21 September) [40] [41]

  • October 2017 Israeli airstrike (16 October 2017) – Israeli airstrike destroyed an anti-aircraft battery near Damascus. [42]

  • November 2017 Israeli airstrike (1 November 2017) – Alleged Israeli airstrike south of Homs.[43]

  • December 2017 Israeli airstrikes (3-4 December, 2017) – Israeli airstrikes targeted a military site (3 December) and a scientific research center (4 December), both near Damascus. [44] [45]

  • February 2018 Israel–Syria incident (10 February 2018)

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In case you were wondering what this Syrian civil war is all about. Is Israel targeting the Islamic state? No, they’re targeting the Assad government. In fact ISIS and Israel have never so much as mentioned one another. Furthermore, those aristrikes confirmed to be Israel’s, they never admit to until years later. If you think the United States is in Syria to fight the IS you’re eating retard sandwiches. They’re helping the Anti-Assad rebels and the Mossad. Russia is the one fighting ISIS and they won and fucked Israeli Deep Ops to bejesus. That’s why we have Sudden Onset Russophobia in the West. That’s why you’ve got Israelis crazy enough to restart the cold war.

Here’s some more Israeli shenanigans in Syria:

Here’s what Dubya did with months to go in his last term:

What’s going on here?

Israeli Intelligence is telling us the Assad govenrment has gassed their own citizens. The same Israeli Intelligence that vouched beyond a doubt for Saddam’s WMD’s. Nobody lies like Israelis. Israelis as Liars is the protomeme.


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