List of government officials confirming the existence of pedogate.

This is a list of current and former government officials exposing the pedophiles who run our world. The only way this will ever change is when a critical mass of people becomes aware to it.
List of videos from link:
U.S. House of Representatives Cynthia McKinney:
Congressman Trey Gowdy:
Former U.S. Department Of State official Steve Pieczenik:
Senator John Decamp:
Senator Nancy Schaefer:
Senator Chuck Grassley:
U.S. House of Representatives candidate Paul Nehlen:
Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds:
Former CIA agent Robert Steele:
Former CIA agent Kevin Shipp:
Former CIA agent John Kiriakou:
Former U.N. Peacekeeper Kathryn Bolkovac:
Former head of the Los Angeles FBI Ted Gunderson:
Former U.K. Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll:
Wiltshire Police Chief Mike Veale:
Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone:
U.K. Member of Parliament Tom Watson:
Former U.K. Member of Parliament Barbara Castle:
Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent Louis:
Former manager of the Housing Department at the U.K. Lambeth Council Bulic Forsythe:
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2 thoughts on “List of government officials confirming the existence of pedogate.”

  1. Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
    This so called Royal Commission was a White wash ( a specialty of successive Austraiian Governments ) . The Government pretend to do something , but excludes from investigation the judicial bodies and the politicians .
    Fiona Barrett
    Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA)
    quotation :Naming the Names
    Fiona names the names of the people who sexually assaulted, raped and tortured her:
    – Antony Kidman (actress Nicole Kidman’s father) (Nicole Kidman is a victim of the ring too, but was nasty towards fellow victim Fiona);
    – Dr. John Gittinger (Lithuanian Nazi concentration camp guard and CIA agent);
    – Actor Bruce Spence;
    – Former US President Richard Nixon;
    – Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam;
    – Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke;
    – Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating;
    – Former Australian Minister of Education Kim Beazley Sr.;
    – Former NSW Premier Bob Carr;
    – Former Australian cricketer Richie Benaud;
    – US Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham;
    – Ted Turner (CNN).
    Barrett also mentions the brave Aussie politician Franca Arena, who got up in Parliament under parliamentary privilege and said there is a large pedophile ring involving politicians, judges, doctors and media moguls. He named Kerry Packer, Bob Carr, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Robert Menzies, Alan Jones (radio announcer), Bernard King (cook), Molly Meldrum (TV presenter), Elton John (musician), John Kerr (Whitlam and Kerr were homosexual lovers) and Justice Lionel Murphy.
    Julia Gillard, John Howard, Kim Beasley, Michael Jeffery, Damian Bugg, R Hulls and others in the period 15th December 2006 and 29th January 2007, were criminally charged by Private Prosecution Right at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in this period. In addition Grand Jury applications were lodged at the Full Court of the Supreme Court Melbourne Victoria on each defendant.


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