List of the 10 mental states necessary for a successful Brainwashing process as outlined in a CIA document from 1956

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This screenshot from a document called “Brainwashing – from A Psychological Viewpoint”… it summarizes all the CIA’s brainwashing knowledge into one 90ish page document… but just the psychological stuff… no drugs or physical torture… well not a whole lot of physical torture at least. Pretty much just mindfuckery 101.. kinda like MKULTRA Lite.
Here’s a few other screenshots I thought were interesting.
Pavlovian conditioning similarities/differences
Freaky quote from a book about being brainwashed into killing and eating your parents
Passage about how important it is that you make sure the victim actually believes what you are framing them for so in case they end up on trial.
All screenshots come from this document from the CIA FOIA portal… PDF WARNING
h/t Ninjakick666

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