LISTEN LIVE to U.S. Supreme Court Arguments on Federal Vaccine Mandates: 1/7/22 10 am EST

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Here is the live audio link page to listen to the U.S. Supreme Court arguments on Friday, 1/7/22 at 10 am EST on whether the stay of the OSHA emergency temporary standard requiring employers with over 100 employees to be vaccinated will continue (effectively ending the mandate), or lifted while the legal cases continue (thus allowing the mandate to basically move forward). In a companion case, the court will also consider whether the mandate for any employer who received Medicare/medicaid money from the federal government (that means, all health care workers basically) will be continue to be stayed, or the stay lifted.

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Here is a good summary of what these cases are really about (the power of the federal agencies to issue these mandates, under the two different statutes/rules, so really these are questions of boring administrative law). Also, these cases at this point are before the Court on a procedural question: should the stays/injunctions that so far put the mandates on hold, continue while the underlying litigation goes forward, or will they not.

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Here is who the attorneys arguing will be, and the schedule/format:

So anyone expecting a definitive ruling “on the merits” (are vaccine mandates “legal” overall) should temper your expectations.


h/t Justice4all


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