Force vaccination has started here in Sarajevo!

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Everyone above 60 years and all of those in homes not just elderly but even those who are in homes that are handicapped in some way.

via translation:

The government of the Canton of Sarajevo, the capital (one of the ten in the canton of u in the Federation of Bosnia and herzegovina) donijela 6. januara zaključak o obaveznoj vakcinaciji starijih 60 godina trećom, takozvanom booster dozom vaccine protiv corona virus.

Measures required vaccination third dose was made at the proposal of the Crisis staff of the Ministry of health of Canton Sarajevo.

Intend, will, also, to the residents and caregivers institutions for the care of the elderly, and for people with joint komorbiditetima in the Canton of Sarajevo, said the Press service of the Government of Sarajevo Canton.

Horny and mandatory vaccination corona virus health professionals who come into contact with patients at all health facilities in the canton.

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