Living With AI Surveillance 24/7 & the Non-Humans of Earth

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by Thinker
Where has Thinker been?
Experiencing the non-human entities that are sharing planet Earth with humans. An experience that has taken some time to adjust to and understand as best as possible. Dealing with that which most humans don’t know exists has enlightened me to the thought that why would a non-human even reveal him/herself to a human? Waking up to a planet filled with humans and non-humans…good, bad, and ugly.
Where would a human put a non-human?
In a zoo, because they are different.
Where are non-humans putting humans?
The same place!
We live on a planet that is shared with many species and yet humans are to dumbed down to accept them. Do you really know your neighbor, politician, or famous celeb? Are they human? When will the non-human heads of governments tell humans the truth? One Canadian politician continues to demand the truth be told to humans about what they can’t see that is a part of their lives every day.

How far could you go if your third eye was open?
Mind Control keeping Higher Consciousness on Total Lockdown
Kundalini, Known to the Ancient Egyptians as “Uraeus” , is the bio-physical, spiritual energy in mankind’s body/mind complex & consciousness which when awakened & fully activated – enlightens every single aspect of the human organism & consciousness. Kundalini brings us into beautiful states of non causal joy, peace, bliss & ecstasy by completely aligning our consciousness with God. These states of God Intoxication are known by many as “Nirvana” , “Samadhi” , “Christ Consciousness” , “Enlightenment” , As well as “Gnosis” just to name a few. Kundalini offers us the divine gift of proving the existence of God, The Angels, Heaven, Enlightenment, & the absolute fact that there is no Death – & that life is an Eternal & never ending growth cycle of Evolution & Experience. Experiencing these states of awareness pushes the envelope of human evolution to an entirely new level.
This is do to the fact that Kundalini Activates the dormant regions of the Human brain ( The typical Human uses 3 % of his or her brain ) Kundalini Activates our brains to a degree well past 3 % ! Activating the sleeping aspects of our biology is how we achieve evolution of the organism & its consciousness. When aroused , Kundalini has the potential to uncoil itself from the base of the spinal system where it lies sleeping & will travel up the spinal shaft , awakening and activating the energetic centers of the body ( also known as Chakras ) on its upward ascent to the crown Chakra where it then burrows itself within the brain, which in turn fully activates the Pineal Gland ( third eye ).
I like to refer to this gland as the Star Gate gland due to the fact that it bridges our consciousness to the various dimensions of the absolute . To keep things simple – Kundalini is the energy in mankind which when aroused has the potential to fully activate the Merkaba light body field, the Aura, The Meridians ( energy pathways of the human organism ) , The Pineal Gland, & every single aspect of human biology/consciousness. Kundalini will activate the dormant aspects of mans DNA & transmute his old outdated, non stimulated DNA into what I Coined ” ANGEL DNA” Through Kundalini we Can experience real Chakra activation and the Developing of the Genius Super Consciousness via the activation of the Dormant regions of the Human Brain/body complex. My mission in life is to help raise the Consciousness of the planet & the people of the world by Inspiring people to seek their own unique Kundalini awakening’s. I believe that through the Activation of Kundalini we can Heal the Planet through activation of the Super Angel DNA , The Merkaba, The Human Auric Field, & the Super Human abilities that come from the Activation of Kundalini Christ Consciousness.
Peace be with you all ~

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As my third eye continues to open with 963hz (angel frequency) 432hz (Earth frequency) and 126.22hz (sun frequency) 528hz (love) music, the opening of worm holes and star gates.



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