Lockdown 2.0 coming? Emergency management official warns of new variants as three New Mexico counties hit high COVID Levels.

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No more than three months. Worse than the first time. Who wants to bet

Three New Mexico counties – Catron, Grant and Hidalgo – have shifted into high community levels of COVID19 after two weeks when the entire state showed low COVID Community Levels. That’s according to the latest federal data. Two new COVID variants are also raising concerns just as the CDC repeals universal masking guidance for hospitals and health clinics.

Tonya Lattin, commander of the Corrales Fire Department and New Mexico’s “Emergency Manager of the Year” in 2021, is concerned about two new COVID Variants, BF.7 and BA.4.6 . Lattin is responsible for updating the Corrales Village Council on COVID risks. She said BF.7 (a shortened name for BA. is gaining ground in Europe.

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“What they are worried about, is that the changes in the spike protein from the BF.7 may affect Evusheld, which is used as a prep prophylactic for people with organ transplants, those kinds of things,” she said.


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