Lockdown and reopening

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by fairysparkles333

I’m in Indiana and the state opened back up on May 1 but my County in particular which is in the capital is still on lockdown until May 15.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to a state park hoping to just get some fresh air. We had been to parks before and there weren’t many people there so it was okay.

Yesterday however was a different story. There were so many people there they had some of the roads blocked off and people were parking all along side the narrow roads where you’re not even supposed to park. I’ve never seen so many people in a park. It was crazy. What was even crazier to me is that not one of these people were wearing masks or even doing anything remotely close to social distancing. They had their kids running around. Large groups of 5-10 people walking while getting very close to others. It was complete madness.

Just based on this, I honestly feel there’s going to be another huge wave of cases and we will end up being on lockdown even longer. At this point it feels like the lockdown is going to go into Fall/Winter. It makes me sad. Nobody seems to care or have any real understanding of what it means to social distance. I’ve experienced the same thing the few times I’ve been to the store as well. People will literally get within a few feet of me and not wearing masks.

I’m hopeful that this will get better soon but at this rate I feel the lockdowns are definitely going to go on longer than another few weeks.




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