LOCKDOWN HANGOVER: Lack of tanker truck drivers could lead to gas shortages this summer.

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Industry group National Tank Truck Carriers said nearly 20% to $25% of tank trucks aren’t being used right now as there are not enough qualified drivers available. The year before the pandemic struck, that number was only at 10%.

The problem reportedly became magnified last year when Americans weren’t driving due to the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, and gas stations just didn’t need as much gas. This meant truck drivers weren’t getting enough work and many chose to leave the business.

Also adding to the challenges is that the job requires a special certification and a certain amount of training. During the pandemic, many of the truck training programs were also shut down.


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This would be a great time for some serious deregulation and tax breaks to get our energy infrastructure working again, but Joe Biden will make sure that we get slow-moving government programs and a lot of “green” nonsense instead.




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