Lockdown in Australia, $1000 and 6 months jail fines for people breaking the 2 person in public rule.

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via news.com.au

While hairdressers and barber shopsunder current restrictions will remain open with up to 30 minute appointments, and the one person per 4 square metre rules applied, in the UK, hairdressers have been closed completely.

And while Australians are still able to buy a T-shirt at a clothes store, or pop into Kmart for a scented candle, in the UK, shops selling clothing, books and electricals have closed.

While it’s not clear exactly what retailers who ignore the rules with face nationwide, NSW Police Minister David Elliott today announced that authorities have the power to issue an on-the-spot fine of $5000 to companies.

Individuals who flout rules will face fines of $1000, and could be jailed for six months.





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