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Cuomo signs NYC restaurants’ death warrant: Governor says he won’t allow city to reopen indoor dining because it ‘doubles amount of bars and there’s no one to enforce the rules’ – so how come other major cities are managing?

  • Cuomo said that he wouldn’t allow indoor dining in NYC to resume until there was a designated group assigned to patrolling it 

  • He said it was down to the city – run by Mayor Bill de Blasio – to put the task force together 

  • NYC restaurants have been closed since March 16th and many have closed

  • While some can offer outdoor dining, others can’t and even that will draw to a close when the weather turns in October

  • Every other city in New York state and every major city around the world has now resumed indoor dining 

  • In New York City, officials inexplicably won’t allow it and the industry is outraged

  • A class action lawsuit has been filed against Cuomo and de Blasio seeking $2billion in damages 

  • They say they are being unfairly kept closed when others have been able to open 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday said he would not reopen indoor dining in New York City despite the infection rate being less than one percent for weeks in a row now because, he said, it would double the number of bars currently open and there is no one to enforce social distancing standards.

The reasoning came after a conglomerate of bar and restaurant owners sued the state for $2billion in damages, claiming they were being unfairly shackled and stopped from making money.

New York City – which has more bars and restaurants than any other city in the US – remains the only metropolis in the world that is yet to resume indoor dining.

It is also the only place in the state of New York that has not been allowed to welcome diners inside again.

As colder weather approaches, outdoor dining – which has only been an option for a small percentage of the city’s establishments – will end.




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