Locked Away For Not Playing the “Deep State” Way! Trump to Pardon the Innocent?

by Thinker

How many innocent politicians, individuals, non Americans have been locked away because they didn’t want to play in the games of corruption? How many continue to cry innocence after decades in prison? How much do you know about them and the history that each has added to a country that once prided itself on liberty, freedom, and justice.

Where is the Liberty, Justice, and Freedom for the Men/Women who Stand for Truth?

People and stories you should know and research to understand what Deep State is, and why President John F. Kennedy wanted to do what President Donald Trump is trying to do now.

Accused of Pedophilia Are Really Only Guilty of Whistle Blowing — Vietnam Veteran and Former FBI Agent Richard Taus

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

The law is a powerful weapon that can be used to help the weak against the strong. It is also wondrously suited for helping the strong against the weak. Law can do this in a strictly financial way by imposing taxes unfairly, but can also use its prosecutorial power to persecute an innocent person. At gumshoenews.com we have often shown how unfair and indeed ludicrous were the convictions of Martin Bryant for the 1996 Port Arthur massacre and Jahar Tsarnaev for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. In those cases, the real perps needed a patsy and chose a guy they thought they could get away with blaming. (In both cases they intended the patsy to die and it is a damn nuisance for the perps that the patsy escaped death. Quel botch-up!)

Certain Men Must Go

But here the plan is to look at whistle blowers rather than patsies. A government “needing” to put a whistle blower out of action can have him killed. Gary Webb (1955-2004) was revealing that the CIA was sending cocaine to the street gangs of New York, so he had to be dispatched to God. It is probably especially true that a whistle blower needs to be removed if he hasn’t:

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Native American Leonard Peltier Denied Clemency by Deep State new world order Obama

Research and see all the drug dealers Obama pardoned, but not the men/women who are innocent and their only crimes are telling the truth. Obama/Clinton administraion not wanting truth according to IG report, so did the people who should have stayed in jail get pardoned by Obama/Clinton/Bush? Why is Native American Lenard Peltier still locked away? No one wants to here the truth from his lips of the corruption that is now pouring out of every crack and hole in Washington D. C.? he Office of the Pardon Attorney has announced President Obama has denied clemency to imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier. Peltier is a former member of the American Indian Movement who was convicted of killing two FBI agents during a shootout on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1975. He has long maintained his innocence.

Amnesty International condemned the decision.

“We are deeply saddened by the news that President Obama will not let Leonard go home,” said Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA. “Despite serious concerns about the fairness of legal proceedings that led to his trial and conviction, Peltier was imprisoned for more than 40 years. He has always maintained his innocence. The families of the FBI agents who were killed during the 1975 confrontation between the FBI and American Indian Movement (AIM) members have a right to justice, but justice will not be served by Peltier’s continued imprisonment.”

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Peltier’s attorney Martin Garbus appeared on:

CNN: Alleged Atlanta Child Murderer: Children Trained to Kill?

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien confronts convicted murderer Wayne Williams about his claims he was trained by the CIA. Delinquent young Black boys from the U.S. trained to be terrorists in Africa? Like Wayne Williams said, the truth will come out and he will be vindicated.

Wayne was locked away when young Kendrick Johnson was killed in the middle of the day in a public high school with security cameras. All his organs missing from his body. Pieces of security film footage missing. No one arrested, and no one in jail…a Black man didn’t do it!


Not one Black or White Politician/Leader will talk about the death of Kendrick Johnson, but we all know Trayvon Martin??? The biggest case of organ theft and trafficking in the middle of the day in a public school. NSA, CIA, FBI complete FAILURE to SERVE & PROTECT! A child whose parents have now been charged with the bills of those who failed to do their jobs, by a corrupt court system filled with judges who history says they are not serving the people. Research the people that helped to close this case and you’ll find just where the organs of Kendrick Johnson went. He had the blood type that is organs could go to anyone…duh!



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