Photos of Children Staged…

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Journalist for Telelmundo Jose Antonio Vargas gets busted for using a staged protest/demonstration of a child Immigrant behind bars, and publishes is it as if it was real news. He gets busted for faking news, and refuses to apologize, saying:

I am not apologizing or deleting the image. Because of the intent of the protest, what Leroy said, and what I personally experienced in that jail cell, as a journalist who happens to be undocumented.

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You can also see the same black kid with red shoes.

Oh and look! He managed to “escape”!

Every single time the media comes out with sad pictures with children, or a heartbreaking voice recording, it’s always there to push a political agenda. It’s never there because they care about the children, never. And most of the time it’s either misrepresented or straight up staged or a false flag. Remember, nobody in MSM cared when little kids died in UK because they were refused the treatment and sentenced to death by the government.

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