Look Around You, Who Is It That Betrays Every Thing You Believe In Country/President?

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by Thinker

When it comes to mainstream media, its now become unreliable after push the “FAKE” lynching story, seemingly wanting a race war. What would have happened if the world of “Q” and independent journalist hadn’t exposed the evil of those who lie?

How many lies have created a loss of life for another profit?

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How many lies have take the U.S. into wars that have resulted in the death of millions, telling the citizens its for humanity? How long will people believe INSANITY?

Wake up and call on every congressman and woman who isn’t supporting POTUS, because he’s putting people first. Where are they putting you and the nation? Not supporting the POTUS? Your not supporting patriot, country, liberty, freedom, justice…LEAVE!

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The only people who don’t want to disclose the “TRUTH” are people with something to hide!




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