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by Brundonius

Look at the market the last 3 months. We haven’t had 3 straight red days since March, the volatility is insane. We either swing drastically up or drastically down. And what has changed as far as the FED is concerned? Absolutely nothing. Weak hands got out today. Equities markets are going to flood the next few months because… where the fuck else are you going to put your money with interest rates at 0 and the USD losing value? We’re going to be having 10 straight Green Day’s and constant fomo again by next fucking week. Tomorrow is green. Friday is green. EOW next week is green. End of summer will be green. And don’t give me the “second wave” shit. Corona is here. It ain’t going anywhere. We aren’t locking down again. Forget it. It’s not right, but the stock market is going to be crazy inflated the next 2-3 years. The FED is pulling a New Orleans Saints salary cap and kicking the can down the road. Saying “we will deal with this shit another time”. And trump, his one fucking card he can play is market success. He will be pumping and he will be instructing the fed to utilize policies that will continue to pump. Not even talking about a calls and options standpoint… in the current climate, the only way you’re keeping up with the economy is through equities. I’m done with my rambling. Go ahead and hit your !remindme’s, but the market manipulation and constant pumping is here to stay boys (bulls) and girls (bears).

Which one of you idiots is gilding the bot

Disclaimer: This was written while under the influence of Evan Williams Single Barrel and it is still up for debate if I’m retarded.


rest in pieces bulls



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