Looks Like The US 2020 Presidential Election is Rigged

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by crackedreflector

  • The key states that Trump needs to win decided to withhold their results before all other states locked in theirs. I’m specifically talking about WI, MI, PA, NC, and GA.
  • Trump was leading in the aforementioned states by a sizable amount before they stopped releasing results. Now the results are “trickling in” and what is trickling in is miraculously and conveniently mostly Biden votes.
  • The media and pollsters were constantly pumping out propaganda that Biden was without a doubt going to decisively win.

I believe some of the voter districts in these key states purposely withheld results to wait and see the trajectory of the election and is in the process of adjusting the vote counts in such a way that Biden wins.

It’s too much of a coincidence that all of the important states that will decide this election are also the ones who are “waiting for and counting mail-in ballots.” On top of that, most of the “mail-in ballots” are coincidentally going for Biden? And why is it that it’s only these decisive states that are having such a hard time finding and counting all the “mail-in ballots”?

The pro-Biden media and pollster propaganda was a way to demoralize Trump voters, possibly dissuading them from participating in the election. It also served as a way to condition the population to believe that Trump’s chances of winning are virtually impossible. This makes it easier for them to steal the election.





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