LORDING IT OVER THE REST OF US IS THE ENTIRE POINT: De Blasio under fire for dancing in deserted Times Square.

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via foxnews:

New York City dropped the ball again on New Year’s Eve, but perhaps not as much as its mayor, Bill de Blasio did.

Critics are laying into the Big Apple’s leader for dancing on national television while the rest of the city was told to stay inside and socially distance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Against the backdrop of a mostly empty Times Square, de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, danced on stage together at the famous landmark. Typically, it is packed with people doing the same on New Year’s Eve.

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain tweeted: “You’ve always been basically the worst political in modern history – but shutting down the NYC but having your own private party in Times Square is really *chefs kiss* the most tone deaf thing I may have ever seen a Mayor do. Everyone hates you DeBlasio.”

De Blasio’s presidential bid in 2020 was a massive exercise in self-indulgence, and he’s term-limited against running for a third term as mayor, so likely de Blasio just wanted to get the epic shot to close out his personal “highlight” reel, not minding at all that he looked very much like the Joker dancing around the ruins of Gotham City on Thursday night.


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As Stephen Kruiser suggested: Let’s Start Jailing Lawmakers Who Violate Their Own COVID Restrictions. “Imagine the pure, poetic justice of seeing Newsom, Cuomo, and some of the other Hitler youth (stole that from Animal House) cooling their heels in a holding cell after being caught with their masks off and their pants down.”





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