Louisiana: Personal Housing Units Staffed by the US Navy and Their Medical Teams

Okay I’m sure this is probably completely above board, but it’s giving me chills…Any thoughts?

Convention Center field hospital gets thousands of beds

There will also be a new 250-patient facility across the street from the convention center for people who think they may have COVID-19 but whose test results have not come back yet, according to Sarah Babcock with the New Orleans Health Department.

“The space across the street from the convention center is called a personal housing unit, and this is an area for persons under investigation,”
 said Babcock. “Those individuals have to be kept separate because if they turn out to be negative, we don’t want them with people who are positive. These are more individualized units with the same amount of attention someone inside the convention center would have. ”

The state of Louisiana has contracted out the medical staff for the convention center with wrap-around services from the state and city, according to Babcock. The facility across the street from the convention center will be staffed by the U.S. Navy and their medical teams.


Another article here with pictures:

U.S. Navy help give a tour of the Personal Housing Units (PHU) outside the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center amid the coronavirus pandemic in New Orleans, Saturday, April 4, 2020. The PHU is for people awaiting the results of their COVID-19 test and can’t go home beforehand.


The mayor warned stricter enforcement is always a an option, but one she would rather not have to take.

“It should not take National Guardsmen to be in the streets of New Orleans,” she said.

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My town has also been selected. People are leery of what’s to come. Mostly worried about hundreds of covid cases being scurried in from scores of counties. First report said may be used for covid if the need arises, and then this report said it will be used for non covid patients. But yeah I’m more worried about the military thing here. From Redding north up into southern Oregon we are probably as conservative as you can get for cali- Oregonians. Not to say we aren’t severely infiltrated by loonie libs, but it really makes me wonder why we were selected for this freak show military , pandemic hospital thingy


Will this be a voluntary stay?

Is this for the homeless?

Do they send a bill for this service?

If you go to Walmart and the Walmart greeter determines that you are running a fever, will you be sent to a personal housing unit?


h/t Daniel Higdon


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