Louisiana Punishes Citibank, Bank of America for Anti-Gun Stance!

The left, globalists, deep state are trying to use corporations to break our 1st and 2nd amendments.

Here’s why Citibank and Bank of America just lost $600 million. Louisiana’s decision to ban Bank of America and Citi from an upcoming bond sale over the banks’ gun policies.

2 Banks Advocated for Gun Control. Now Louisiana Is Barring Them From a Major Road Project.

Citibank has pushed its retail clients to refrain from selling firearms to customers who haven’t passed a background check or are under the age of 21, with the exception of those who have passed gun or hunter safety courses or are in the military or law enforcement.

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Bank of America wants to limit doing business with retailers and manufacturers that sell military-style weapons.
Bank of America handles 18 percent of the state’s general obligation bonds and Citibank administers 5 percent…

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