Macron Wins by Massive Margin

by Chris Black

As expected, Macron won a second term in France. I expected for Macron to win, but with a slim margin of victory.

Well, the gap was big, as Emmanuel Macron scored 58.55% in the second round of the French presidential election.

French people were not really ecstatic about the results. Cue “Joe Biden the most popular president in American history”, 80 million votes and all that.

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Emmanuel Macron will remain in office for a further 5 years. He is the first French president to be re-elected to a second term in 20 years. The last was Jacques René Chirac in 2002.

Marine Le Pen increased her vote share by roughly 9% on her 2017 performance, which was 33%. This round she received just shy of 42%.

The French have a penchant for being quite accurate in their first vote releases, it is very unlikely that these results with change significantly.

Emmanuel Macron’s wife, the school teacher who he was molested by, is 25 years older than him.  Does anyone really think he’s right in his head?


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