Macron’s live TV answer to the yellow jacket insurrection


Just finished watching Macron’s live French TV speech in response to the yellow jacket insurrection with my relatives.

I’ll summarise it for you guys in plain simple English:

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1 hour talk about Climate change!

– Getting rid of 50% nuclear energy
– Replacing this 50% nuclear energy with renewable
– Helping French people better insulate themselves
– Helping business consume less
– getting rid of 100% of fossil fuels.
– Huge investments in research and developments
– Energy transition change must be organised at a European level
– This is not only an energy revolution, but also a new economical model for western societies.
– If people are pissed off, it’s because we have not explained things to them well enough
– Bottom line is : Saving the planet costs money – and so everyone needs to make an effort!

Agenda 21 ??? Yep, you can bet on it!




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