Mainstream media; “mostly peaceful protests” BS.

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How the heck can The Babylon Bee compete with CNN?

‘Mostly Peaceful’ Means ‘Entirely Dead,’ Plus CNN Gets Caught Telling the Truth (Then Deletes It).

CHARLES LIPSON: Playing with Fire. “The pushback is coming. It will be seen at the ballot box, the gun store, and the moving company. Citizens will vote for public safety and move to safer locations. If police won’t protect them, they will do it themselves. Even the NY Times has noticed. They report there simply aren’t enough moving vans to meet the demand from fed-up New Yorkers. In Manhattan, Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and other cities, they see the quality of life crashing and burning outside their windows.”

If you want more violence, vote for the people who won’t condemn the “mostly peaceful” riots.

MOSTLY PEACEFUL: Two Dead in Multiple Overnight Shootings Amid Kenosha Antifa and BLM Riots.




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