Mainstream Belgian Reporter Exposes MSM Lies Over Syria “Chemical Attacks”

by axolotl_peyotl

This incredible story will likely be buried by the MSM, as it directly counters their psychotic and genocidal mandate.

via activistpost:

The reporter, Pierre Piccinin da Prata, recently gave an interview with Belgian RTL, where he told of a conversation he heard between rebels that exonerated President Bashar al-Assad and stated clearly that “It wasn’t the government of Bashar al-Assad that used Sarin gas or any other gas in Ghouta.” As a result, the majority of his scheduled interviews with mainstream outlets were cancelled.

Perhaps the most stunning aspect of the Syria debacle was that the US was trusted yet again after getting caught in such blatant lies before.

The short term memory of the American (and Western) population is shocking to behold.


Journalist taken hostage by Syrian rebels claims Syrian gov. did not use chemical weapons: “Western media had accused Assad of using gas and had claimed that he was guilty. And a reporter who has been on the ground for five monthsthe was coming to testify to the contrary…That did not suit them.”

In its zealous pursuit to misinform western public opinion about Syria, MSM has canceled dozens of scheduled interviews with a war reporter after he has declared to Belgian RTL radio: “It wasn’t the government of Bashar al-Assad that used Sarin gas or any other gas in Ghouta”.

Pierre Piccinin da Prata, the Belgian war reporter and Editor-in-Chief of The Maghreb and Orient Courier, held hostage with Italian war reporter Domenico Quirico by Syrian ‘rebels’ for five months, eavesdropped a conversation through a closed door- between their jailers about the chemical weapon attack and saying that President al-Assad was not responsible for Ghouta Sarin gas attack.

“Syrian government had no interest in using the gas. Strategically, it was useless; and that could only ruin his image on the international level, with the risk of an American attack,” the reporter told the Syria Times e-newspaper, calling on western media outlets that have been wrong about Syria, about what has really happened since 2011 to recognize their errors and restore truth for their readers and listeners.

Piccinin, who was sold by the commander of the Katiba of the so-called the ‘Free Syria Army’ he was with to the al-Farouk Brigade for a few hundred dollars, posed the following question: what is the point of being a war reporter if it is not to tell the truth?


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