Mainstream Media Backs Up Donald Trump & Americans See How Right “POTUS” Is

by Thinker

How many times has the 45th POTUS had to call out the lies of mainstream media to the American people??? How many times has the “House of Trump” been smeared and Americans having to read or hear lies??? How many rally’s have been filled to the brim with supporters of Donald Trump and have heard him call out the fake news??? How many times did the mainstream media say Donald Trump was finished???

How many lies were projected to the American people on the mind controlled one way media networks, that aren’t supporting the sitting president, because like everyone else they do have something to hide. Obama quote; “The only people who don’t wan to disclose the “TRUTH” are people with something to hide.” How many Americans have believed what they’ve been hearing on mainstream media since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States???

How many weeks, month after month did the “House of Trump” have to listen to the lies from mainstream media, and still is???

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Give it up for the president who continues to tell the “TRUTH.” and it continues to be validated!!!

Donald Trump isn’t finished, but those who have conspired against the American people, Veteran’s and the 45th president are the ones who should start packing their bags. You aren’t an American and your actions recorded in history outweigh any birth certificate!!

“Two Ex-Presidents Will Be Taken & Three WIll Be Shaken” – Mark Taylor

Comment by Marlene Paul 2 hours ago

Great video! I think the two President’s to die are of course George H W Bush & Jimmy Carter. The three to go to prison are George Bush Jr, Bill Clinton & Barack Obama among many others. What would be super great is to see the fall of the Royal evil family as well.

Voices of “Q” shining through for everyone who never knew…

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Trump Just Signaled All Patriots, It Has Begun,Justice Under The Law – Episode

Q proof, 53-47. Facebook has been caught in a lie, publisher or not a publisher. Story about Assange meeting Manafort turning out to be fake, was this a ploy the deep state used to set their agenda?

Trump doubles down on Mueller, Clinton, Obama and the rest, calls them traitors and retweets a meme showing them behind bars. DHS sets the record straight.

Rocks have killed border patrol guards in the past. Trump wants the wall built. Pompeo and Mattis say their is no evidence that the Crown Prince was behind the order. The deep state was pushing their agenda with SA, it has failed. Poroshenko attempt to start a war with Russia continues, Russia places S400 defense missile system in Crimea. The deep state will be pushing more events to counter the release of the truth.


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