Mainstream media spread fake news about the Maga/Native American incident-new evidence has shown up proving the exact opposite of the media’s narrative

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by eosintrash1

I usually don’t care to get involved in the media and politics but I kept seeing this incident pop up all over reddit. So I decided to look into it, and the first thing I did was watch the actual video and see what this kid did that pissed so many people off and got hundreds of people to send death threats their way.

I watched it over and over again and couldn’t find him doing anything but standing there. So I did a bit of digging and found out they didn’t actually do anything. The Native American guy just walked up to them and banged drums right in their face, while a group of black hebrews hurled slurs and insults at them.

First, the full video of the entire event. Worse comes to worse you watch it and determine for yousrelf who is in the wrong. 1:10:00 is the native man part.

1st. The boys were being harassed by the group of Black Israelites.

Video Evidence 1 start at 1:07:00 mark

Video Evidence 2

I don’t hear the boys calling the Black Israelites names. But I do hear the four African-Americans calling the group “incest babies,” “goddamn dogs,” “crackers” and the n-word. In response to the insults the high school boys condemn the use of the slurs.

2nd. The native american group approached the boys. The boys were there waiting doing their own thing.

Video Evidence 3

Video Evidence 1 start at 1:12:00 mark

3rd. Contrary to the news stories that suggest the boys surrounded the native american group that was minding its own business, The native american group admits they approached the boys intentionally, but their purported reasons for approaching the boys differ.

According to Nathan Phillips, he approached the group because he thought they were “taunting the dispersing indigenous crowd.”

Phillips, who was singing the American Indian Movement song that serves as a ceremony to send the spirits home, said he noticed tensions beginning to escalate when the teens and other apparent participants from the nearby March for Life rally began taunting the dispersing indigenous crowd.

According to Kaya Taitano, a student at the University of the District of Columbia who participated in the march and shot the videos, he approached the group to allegedly help “defuse the situation” between the high school group and the black Israelites.

Taitano said the whole incident started when the teens and four young African-Americans, who’d been preaching about the Bible nearby, started yelling and calling each other names. It got pretty intense, Taitano said, so Nathan Phillips, an elder with the Omaha tribe, started playing his drum and chanting what she was told was a healing prayer, to help defuse the situation.

Note, the Indigenous Peoples’ March had already ended.

It’ll start Friday with an 8 a.m. gathering and prayer outside the Building of Interior Affairs, at 1849 C St. NW. Then, the march will go east on C Street, south on 18th Street and cross to Constitution Avenue, ending in a 10 a.m. rally at Henry Bacon Park, north of the Lincoln Memorial between Henry Bacon Drive and 23rd Street Northwest.

A map of the route. As you can see, the march ends more than 500 ft north of the Lincoln Memorial and in fact, had already ended before the incident occurred.

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4th. The boys chant along with the Native American group because they think the native american group was participating.

In the midst of our cheers, we were approached by a group of adults led by Nathan Phillips with Phillips beating his drum. … We initially thought this was a cultural display since he was beating along to our cheers and so we clapped to the beat.

Video Evidence 4

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5th. the Boys slowly realize that the native american group isn’t friendly towards them given the in your face drumming and another member of the native american group telling them “white people go back to Europe. This isn’t your land.”

Video Evidence 5

Video Evidence 6

Initially, only part of a video was publicized which showed an older Native man beating a drum in a crowd of rowdy young men, some of which were sporting MAGA hats. Taken out of context, many people initially made the assumption that the larger younger group was harassing or mocking the smaller group of elders. Particularly one boy who was standing directly in front of the main elder with the drum. It may have appeared out of context that he was blocking the older man or instigating a crowd to form around him. He got doxxed by reddit and twitter, and calls for him to be expelled from school rang out.

Hours later, a longer video surfaced which showed the entire context, including your third note which included the Natives approaching the group of young men and walking directly into them. Most people got out of the way after being confronted by the loud drumming, but the boy in questions stood his ground, and just smiled, and was not aggressive at all. Stories trying to spread the whole story were posted across reddit, but not one got as much attention as the initial one which pointed out the group of “racist” white boys. At this point, r/politics and r/news have been deleting posts dissenting from the original narrative.




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