Mainstream paper: “Anti-vaxxers want to kill your babies..These people are terrorists who’d happily kill us..”

…It is reasonable to say promoting those ideas, forcing them on others, or joining such a group of fatally-thick knuckledraggers is so likely to kill people that it should be a crime. Only this isn’t the Taliban. It’s your mate on Facebook, or Nicki Minaj..

Someone calling themselves a “kind, decent family man” wrote about “medication of the masses” and “jabbing poison in the body”… Well, it’s just nutters innit. And no-one stops to think about how the Taliban, the IRA, Al Qaeda, neo-Nazis and ISIS were all just nutters, once, and mostly still are… But in the same way as terror networks have been born, a movement is growing that greets every good new thing as an evil that must be shunned. A vaccine, a vitamin, or your right to vote for who’s in the town hall, is all at risk if the whackos find a way to break into the mainstream…

Updating our laws to make the spreading of harmful conspiracy theories an act of treason would mean that not only could the ringleaders be shut down, they also could be deradicalised, medicated and educated. They are terrorists, and should be treated as such. Take out the co-ordinators, and their converts could be deprogrammed.

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