Maison Grande Condominium – The Next of many FL Condos that will Collapse

Maison Grande Condominium is an 18 story condo in Miami Beach with a two story underground garage and a swimming pool that is above part of that garage. Sound familiar? And it has lots of concrete spalling and exposed rebar. And it was built in 1971 and the occupants are now very worried. Well they should be. There are probably a thousand of these old cheaply built condos in the Miami area and they will be all getting plenty of attention now. We may have a ghost town of empty high rises soon.
Haunted by the recent tragedy in Surfside, some residents of ocean-side apartments in South Florida have been searching for information about the structural integrity of their condominiums. The residents of a Collins Avenue building with prior warnings in Miami Beach said they are horrified about what they found.

On Monday, several residents at Maison Grande Condominium, an 18-story building with 502 units, said they are worried about the safety of the 1971 building at 6039 Collins Ave., in Miami Beach. They have photographs showing corroded steel and concrete spalling.

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Records show there have been five inspections that determined the building is an “unsafe structure.” The building envelope is among the list of concerns. There were also warnings that the two-story parking garage and pool deck “have reached the end of their useful life and require repair, replacement,” or “a combination thereof.”


Found a tweet showing the horrific condition the building is in.


h/t Doctor Congo


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