Do Not Buy the Covid Delta Variant Propaganda

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By Chris Black

Motto: everything you’ve been through this past year has just been erased by the Delta variant. Now you’re right back where you started!

Let’s clarify a few things first:

1) The “case” number is pure JUNK SCIENCE, as in meaningless. It is PCR cycles jacked up until it gives a “positive”. This is for normies who get their ‘science’ from the National Enquirer.

2) Corona viruses are NOTORIOUS for constantly rapidly mutating, like the Common Cold.

3) ALL pathogenic viruses, to the extent that there even is a pathogenic covid virus anymore, attenuate over time. That is they become LESS pathogenic and the human immune system becomes more and more competent at recognizing and neutralizing viruses within the same family.

4) Well, okay Chris, but “What about India?” What ABOUT India? Outside of the legacy media, which has mutated into a vast labyrinth of lies geared towards social control, we have no way of verifying what actually happened in India. 

We know the Davos crowd hates Modi and may have tried to pull off a Trumpian defenestration. Nationalism is only permitted in China, and that’s only while they try to decide what to do with China.

When the science is based on in silico techniques (models), then they can come with as many viruses or variants as any computer can spit out. Maybe they use the same modelling coding for this as the ones used for global warming. 

The more anyone learns about virology and germ theory, the more merit you find in terrain theory. One scientist once said “if germ theory were true, there would be nobody alive to believe it.”

But I’m digressing.

You’ve probably noticed how mainstream media is now pushing the brand new and more lethal than ever Covid-19 “Delta Force” variant, the destroyer of worlds. 

The delta strain is nothing more than the advance advertising for the on-going booster shots they would like to keep sticking into us as well as the continuing justification to keep us under lock and key whenever they wish and however they wish.

See also  Matt Taibbi: "TWITTER FILES #19: The Great Covid-19 Lie Machine: Stanford, the Virality Project, and the Censorship of “True Stories"

One reason why this works is that those who are highly susceptible to this fear mongering is that their lives lack meaning because their lives lack purpose.

Find a purpose and the fear melts away. 

You will understand that living a meaningful life reduces your fear of life. Living life without purpose lets fear become your purpose. If the mask Karens had actual meaning in their lives, they would have no need to let fear become their purpose.

This is an HOA board writ large. Same thing really.

Fear grows when you drift through a meaningless life. 

This fear (dying early) is because you are waiting to do something that actually has meaning. Real meaning. 

If you have purpose in your journey (life) you care not about the destination, because you realize that the struggle on the road to reach it is actually what matters.

(A bit more philosophical than my usual postings but that is how I see things. Aim for something important to you, and do everything towards that goal well and you will be able to overcome fear in life)

Now, speaking about alleged covid variants, “experts” just can’t admit* they don’t know what they are talking about, so they keep pushing the same fake narrative. 

*Notice how I give them the presumption of innocence, which I don’t truly believe.

This is just another worldwide scare tactic designed to keep the masks on and the economy slowed. Look to the “Climate Change” set and the “One World Government” set for reasons why we’re facing these “new” strains.

But, let’s give credit where credit is due.

The plandemic was evil genius and well-executed. 

They used our ZOG-bot media as tools to spread panic in the lemmings, and got us to destroy our economy and country without firing a shot.

See also  Boris Johnson 'Dying from Covid is as big as your risk of falling down stairs'

All we have left is endless money printing to try to stall the final collapse and now it has touched off serious non-transitory inflation. 

We have no one to blame but ourselves for the mess. Actions, or lack thereof, have consequences, and we allowed this to happen.

Our greed left us vulnerable and our adversaries saw this and used it well. Millions will soon be 100% dependent on monthly stimmy checks. 

PS: the Lockdown Theory has no scientific basis:

The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” Are Meaningless

One silver lining is that for many, the CDC will never be viewed as a scientific organization ever again. 

Count me in that crowd.

Biggest problem is that they are censoring actual scientific publication to keep the narrative going, so finding valid information is more difficult. 

You will now have to wade through miles of shit to find it. Then when you do find it, you cannot share it because they’ve blacked out sharing unapproved information. 

So you are alone in the information wilderness. 

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