Major Chinese Cities Return to Work, Cautiously

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by LiquidityMan

Cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing will return to work amid the coronavirus outbreak, although schools and universities will remain closed until further notice.

Companies that did reopen their doors must ensure their workplaces were properly ventilated and avoid using centralised air conditioning systems because they could help spread the coronavirus, the government said.

To help with the massive influx of people back into the city, 16 checkpoints have been set up at the Hongqiao transport hub in central Shanghai, which links the airport to the intercity high-speed rail network and local subway network.

On workdays, between 1.2 million and 1.5 million pass through the hub. Authorities in the city said they were alarmed that more than 100 people passing through the Hongqiao hub in the last few days had had a fever.

Several major employers in Shenzhen have already announced they will not be restarting production on Monday.

Foxconn, a contract manufacturer that produces iPhones for Apple, told its employees not to return, and has even refitted some of its production lines to make face masks for its workers.



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