Major Companies Dangling Uncommon Benefits To Lure Employees… Paying Every Day!

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Struggling to attract workers as the coronavirus pandemic drags on, major companies are dangling an uncommon benefit to lure job candidates: a chance to get paid every day.

Dozens of employers — including fast-food chains Arby’s, Wendy’s, Jimmy John’s and Taco Bell as well as retailers Big Lots, Dollar Tree and Kroger— are now giving employees the option to withdraw money from their paychecks moments after finishing their shift by using smartphone apps like Branch or DailyPay.

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“Usually people aren’t taking out $100 to go to the bar at night,” DailyPay Chief Marketing Officer Jeanniey Walden told CBS MoneyWatch. “They’re taking out, for example, $37.10 because they have a light bill that they forgot to pay.”

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