Make $20,000 if you can survive 10 hours in Legal torture at McKamey Manor

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Hmm, so whose brave enough to finish it? I know I’m not. Reads more like the movie Hostel.

Thousands sign petition to shut down controversial haunted house: ‘A torture chamber under disguise’

“A haunted house that lasts 10 hours and requires its visitors to fill out a 40-page waver is now the subject of a petition calling it a “torture chamber” that needs to be shut down.

McKamey Manor, which stretches from Summertown, Tenn., to Huntsville, Ala., has drawn national interest for years due to its extreme conditions: Attendees can reportedly be subjected to having their fingernails pulled off or even getting a tattoo, according to one volunteer employee.

The circumstances inside are reportedly so intense that owner Russ McKamey has promised a $20,000 reward for anyone who completes the tour — a feat he says no one has ever accomplished. ”


h/t Diabolical.

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