Man collapses from blood loss in ER after waiting 30-45 minutes-Video

“I felt like I was in a bad dream, I really did,” emergency room patient Arnold Salas said.

A terrifying scene played out in the middle of an ER waiting room when Salas showed up to St. Luke’s at the Vintage bleeding badly from a deep cut to his arm.

He said he suffered the cut during an altercation.

He never expected what would happen next.

“They kept telling me that I have to wait. They repeated to me that I had to wait, for me to take a seat in order for me to see someone,” Salas said.

Others in the ER waiting room saw what was happening and recorded it on their phones.

“There were security guys there. There was a lady at the desk. It appeared that nobody was doing anything,” Tamera Torero said. “There was a complete breakdown … because that shouldn’t have happened.”

Link to un edited video;