Man lends his tesla car to his father, gets charged $14000 by tesla for upgrades because his dad pressed the wrong buttons

Google’s Director of Product Management, Dominic Preuss, took to Twitter outraged that he had been charged more than US$14,000 (AU$19,000) after his father-in-law borrowed his car and accidentally signed up for Tesla’s advanced driver aids.

“FYI. If you double click the shift panel twice and accidentally engage the auto-pilot in Model 3, @Tesla will automatically charge you $14,100 if you didn’t previously purchase auto-pilot. No password prompt. No CC challenge. Just $14K on the CC on file,” Preuss wrote.

The charges were for two advanced driving aids including Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capability, which improve on cruise control by adding distance control to the car ahead and some steering assistance, but are not autonomous drive systems.

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