MARC THIESSEN: The NYT Kavanaugh Smear Shows Why the Press is the Least-Trusted Institution in America… THE GUILD PROTECTS ITS OWN: Blackout: ABC, NBC Ignore Pro-Kavanaugh Bombshell; CBS Gives Scant 36 Seconds.

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via washingtonpost:

A Columbia Journalism Review poll released this year found that half of all Americans have “hardly any confidence at all” in the media, which beat out even Congress as the institution for which the public has the lowest confidence. It’s not hard to see why. Last week, CNN reported that the CIA was forced to pull a highly placed source inside the Kremlin because of concerns that President Trump might burn him — when it turns out the decision to extract the source was made before Trump took office because of leaks from senior Obama administration officials.

Now, the New York Times has published an adapted excerpt from a new book by Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly in which they breathlessly describe a “previously unreported story” about how Max Stier, a male college classmate of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, notified senators and the FBI that he saw Kavanaugh expose himself to a girl at a Yale party and that “friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student.”

One small problem: In the book, Pogrebin and Kelly write that the female student in question “refused to discuss the incident” and that “several of her friends said she does not recall it.” That calls the entire allegation into question. Yet the Times did not include this vital information in the excerpt it published.

Pogrebin and Kelly conveniently blamed their editors for the omission. Why didn’t they insist it be included when they reviewed the story before publication? And how then do they explain the fact that they also failed to mention it in an interview with NPR? When asked by Terry Gross the specific question “Are there other women who have come forward?” (emphasis added), they repeat their uncorroborated accusation without mentioning that this “other woman” not only did not come forward but also does not recall the incident.

Robin Pogrebin is currently blaming her woes on (checks rolodex) Fox News:

Joliet Jake Blues could not be reached for comment on Pogrebin ripping off his shtick:

UPDATE: “Pogrebin seems determined to humiliate her newsroom at every turn — and all for the sake of selling her new book:” Don’t believe the victim, says New York Times reporter — she was probably drunk!


JUST THINK OF THE MEDIA AS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPERATIVES WITH BYLINES, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE: Ted Cruz Says NY Times Kavanaugh Story Was Not ‘Accidental’ Because ‘They Want to Intimidate the Court.’

Not least of which, the asterisk strategy, to coin a phrase.


THE GUILD PROTECTS ITS OWN: Blackout: ABC, NBC Ignore Pro-Kavanaugh Bombshell; CBS Gives Scant 36 Seconds.

While the liberal broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC have spent nearly 32 minutes (31 minutes, 47 seconds) hyping the disintegrating bombshell against Justice Brettt Kavanaugh over the past three days, they have withheld from viewers how Christine Blasey Ford friend (and supposed corroborating witness) Leland Keyser now states that she has does not believe Ford’s account.

Both of these disclosures were contained in a new book excerpt by New York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, but apparently only the anti-Kavanaugh allegation was deemed worth of airtime and inclusion in the Sunday Review print section of The Times.

Thanks only to CBS News Justice correspondent Jan Crawford on Monday night, there have been 36 seconds dedicated to Keyser’s admission. In totality, that translated to a measly 1.89 percent of network Kavanaugh coverage from Sunday through Tuesday morning highlighting this inconvenient fact.



ABC and NBC, you say? Nice consistency at least, given that Tom Brokaw and the later Peter Jennings defended Dan Rather in the fall of 2004.



#JOURNALISM: NY Times editors removed fact that Kavanaugh ‘victim’ doesn’t recall incident.

But don’t worry, NYT. Even CBS is busting you for journalistic malfeasance, but the “fact-checking” hacks at Politifact are still swinging in your defense: No, the New York Times has not admitted to peddling ‘fake news’ about most recent Kavanaugh claim. See, they’ve just admitted to things that make it clear that the story was fake news, they haven’t admitted to the story being fake news. So there.

UPDATE: The New York Times’s travesty of journalistic ethics.


WEIRD, HUH? Snopes Fact-Checkers Strangely Silent on NY Times’ Kavanaugh Smear.

Then again, why bother fact-checking a party organ like the NYT, when there are weightier publications to dissect like the Babylon Bee?


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