Time to end the charade

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by The_In-Betweener

So I was going looking over to see the most recent references to usury and this guy popped up

An interesting quote since many now consider the human race to be a scourge of the earth.

More comments from him:

You never sought power over anyone. Yet now: You’re ruled by a clique of mass-murderers. Who have an agenda to dictate to every living thing on earth. Next time: Be a good man again. But don’t let evildoers run roughshod over the whole damned town. – twitter.com/jeffsekerak/status/1173916243281076226

In a world ruled by lying devils. You: 1) Told the truth. 2) Exposed their crimes. 3) Revealed Man’s TRUE potential. And 4) Refused to back down when arrested. For that: You were burned to death in front of your peers. You’ll be back. Next time even stronger. THEY MESSED UP. – twitter.com/jeffsekerak/status/1173595965464301569

Half the earth’s gone over to the dark side. They live by a different code than yours. DO NO HARM. They on the other hand will: 1) Scoff at the very idea. 2) Stab you in the back for a nickel. And 3) Latch onto your base chakra and suck your soul dry. Be wary who you befriend. – twitter.com/jeffsekerak/status/1173588645158121473

Sure. Your water’s poisoned. Your food’s tampered with. You’re skies are sprayed. Your airwaves are weaponized against you. And: You’re being billed for shit you NEVER agreed to pay for. HOWEVER: If you eat clean, keep fit, & spend less. You take a LOT of power back. Do that now. – twitter.com/jeffsekerak/status/1112607558148096000


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