Marijuana may become legal country wide. What type of companies / cannabis related niches will prosper the most if it happens?

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by 12_year_old_boi

When marijuana becomes legal, you can see its effects in a number of industries:

Number #1, tobacco and vaping will definitely go in big and make a ton of money for obvious reasons. Some in the alcohol industry fear that marijuana will take away its business, so expect the alcohol industry to make marijuana-infused drinks to get involved.

Marijuana use has been associated with an increase in the restaurant business. So, besides restaurants and places such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell, my guess is that you would also see an increase in revenue from companies such as Coke and Pepsi associated with the legality of marijuana — besides straight up making marijuana-infused drinks, people would probably buy more of their normal products.

You will definitely see an increase in the agricultural business due to companies producing marijuana, as well as the homegrown market (the latter will be big when people can buy their own seeds with ease).



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